Lining Options

Lining Options

We have, three types of lining choices here.

The ended up length of the lining comes in round about, 1.25" a bit shorter than the finished length of the entire drapery panel cause it's industrial standard? Linings as a rule, are attached on the upmost, and left and right parts of the panel. If you got some specific needs, then, you must let us know?


Polyester is what this privacy lining is made of, it is either in white or the color ivory and adds just a smidge of body and also sun protection to the curtain. And, for linen and cotton drapes that are 100% that is, we highly recommend privacy lining.


The 90% one being the blackout lining we've got, has a finish sort of satin-like and quite soft to touch. It offers a finish quite similar in color with the curtain fabric in the front. For room darkening, blockage of light, and control of temperature and sound, you can use this.


100% is blackout lining, which has been coated three times and only have in white. The blackout lining we chose is superior and softer amongst others in the marketplace. It also japans to help with keeping sound out and insulation. Our blackout fabrics... apples and oranges but the perfect home decor option?

Fabrics of the privacy lining kind and the 90% blackout lining can be washed in a machine in cold, but the lining that is 100% blackout can't be and is only to be dry cleaned. None the fabrics should see the inside of a tumble dryer.

When it comes to mornings, if you're the type who likes it pitch dark like in hotels? Best you pick, the 100% blackout? if very little light is not a bother for you and you want to know when it morning is, you go ahead and go with the 90% blackout option.

Without lining, both the Block and Mood collection of our fabrics are 90% blackout, if you wish to take it up to 100%, then definitely choose to insert the 100% blackout lining.
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