Refund Policy

We's feel full of our quality and tailoring. All curtains, like, they got custom-made, and we begin to make them after 08 hours, when you ordered... you know. You can't cancel it, can't even change? No way to return. Whatsoever after 08 hours. If you, like, unsure or got doubts? Tell us. Email at or you may also you know, call or text us on (123) 456-7890?. We's here every day, you know, 9 am - 6 pm, Eastern Time, before you order.

If your order, right, gets damaged while in transit. Or even if it's made differently than your specs, You must email us, like, within 7 days of delivery, and we will do everything possible; feel ya good?

You think you may be got the wrong thing, wrong product? The wrong piece of cloth! We offer a discount on the later order - 20% of whichever is low between previous and next order, And such. (Keep in mind, It's valid only for 30 days )

If you're thinking about canceling your order before 08 hours, there's some sad news you know! Since April 2021, Shopify has changed their policy, and we will have to ask for 3.6% fee for credit card processing, that not gonna come to our hand, in any way of refund ya know.

Curtains, they are a way of, life, you know. Stitch each one with threads and passion. Producing them with intensity which is intense.

(Lastly, updated, it got in April 2024)"