How To Measure Curtain Dimensions?

How To Measure Curtain Dimensions?

By following these guidelines and ensuring the proper placement of your curtain rod or track system, you can create a visually appealing space with the illusion of taller ceilings. Take the time to measure and calculate the correct height for your specific curtain type to achieve the desired look.

Explanation of the Above Measurement Image Presented Below

A- Distance from the top end of the rod to the ground

B- Distance from the rod's bottom end to the ground

C- Width of the rod or track (not including finials)

D- Width of the window

E- Width when the curtains are drawn together

It is advisable to install the curtain rod or track system approximately 4-6 inches above the top of your window frame. If you're aiming to create the appearance of taller ceilings, placing them as near to the ceiling as possible is recommended.

Before you begin, it's crucial to decide on the hardware's location. Depending on the design, you'll need to measure the distance X, which is the measurement from the curtain panel's top edge to the ground.

For **Grommet** curtains, you should calculate X by adding 1 1/8 inches to A (this measures from the panel's upper edge to the inner ring's top).

For **Rod Pocket** curtains:

* When it passes over the rod, let X be A plus 0.5 inches.
* When it connects to rings that encapsulate the rod, let X be A.
* When it attaches to rings without enveloping the rod, set X as B.

In the case of **Pleated Headings**:

* If it envelops the rod, set X as A.
* If it leaves the rod exposed, X should be B.

For **Ripple Fold** curtains, X is consistently B.

When considering how the curtains should interact with the floor:

* For a **Floating** aesthetic, reduce 0.5 inches from X.
* For curtains that **Just Touch the Floor**, keep the height as X.
* For a **Puddling** look, increase X by 2 to 6 inches.

**Width Measurements**

The Rod/Track’s width, labeled C, hinges on the window’s width (D) plus the width needed for stackback (E). It’s common for rods or tracks to extend about 1.3 times the window's width. For exact dimensions, It is recommended to utilize a tool for measuring width.

For **Grommet** or **Rod Pocket** types, the least curtain width should be 1.5 times C, with a suggested width of twice C, and the maximum expansiveness at 2.5 times C.

For **All Pleated Headings**, the straightforward measurement for curtain width is C.

For **Ripple Fold** drapes, after entering the Rod/Track width on the designated custom portal, divide the derived figure by the total number of panels to find the width per panel.

This guide is meant to offer basic size recommendations and assistance. For more complex sizing needs or questions, please connect through

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